Enfilube brings automotive services to you

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Enfilube provides automotive repair and maintenance at your convenience. Enfilube ensures that your vehicle is ready for the long road ahead.


When you call on Enfilube your car appreciates it.


Enfilube keeps your vehicle running smooth.  Fords included       Use this app to schedule service with Enfilube


Enfilube services all passenger and commercial vehicles.

Enfilube keeps your Ford running smooth.  Regardless of your manufacturer Enfilube has certified ASE mechanics and supervised technicians to ensure that all repairs and maintenance are performed correctly so that you can have confidence in your ride.

Call on us for full service auto-repair, preventative maintenance and automotive diagnostic services.


Optimize your vehicle's Performance

Optimze your vehicle performance by calling Enfilube.  Your car will think it's a race car.

With regular filter service and proper maintenance your car will run with top performance.